Monday, May 21, 2018

Autumnal Sunset - A choker and cuff

Hello and Happy Monday to you all!
This whole week is going to be slightly different on the blog, so we are skipping the instagram inspiration Mondays which has been the practice here for quite a long time.
Instead I want to prolong the promotion of my Victoriana collection that went live on Friday.
For those of you who missed it, here's what it is all about.
The Victoriana Collection aims to accentuate femininity through mixed media designs that create an edgy and modern look embracing a vintage feel and adding the right touch of drama.
I called this set Autumnal Sunset and the name is pretty explanatory itself. I used a lovingly preserved vintage fabric onto which I sewed  a velvet ribbon and built the small flower ensemble on top of it all.
A tutorial how to make one yourself if coming up on Wednesday, so I hope you drop us a visit then :)

Friday, May 18, 2018

The Victoriana Collection


The Victoriana collection inspired by the Victorian era as the name suggests, aims to accentuate femininity through mixed media designs that embrace velvet and jacquard ribbons, vintage fabric, lace, soft pearls and cotton yarn.
The focus on the collection is on necklaces, chokers accompanied with cuffs and brooches and they all offer a luxurious and regal look. The designs can be worn with both formal and casual outfits to create an edgy and modern look with the right touch of drama.



The Lookbook.
The collection is available here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Artful Blogging Feature

In the infant years of my blog I got acquainted with Stampington Company and their mesmerizing magazines! My heart tied fast and strong around Artful Blogging Magazine. A magazine that satisfies my cravings for visually enchanting and mesmerizing photos accompanied with heartfelt, warm and inspiring stories.
I think every artful bloggers' dream is to be featured in this magazine. This year my dream came  true and I cannot possibly describe the excitement, fulfillment and pure joy that I am constantly wrapped up  in ever since I  was first contacted about this several months ago, until I finally had a copy in my hands!
I made another full circle.

My article called "Capturing Memories" appears in their Summer 2018 edition and tells the story of using my blog as an online journal to capture beautiful creative moments of time spent in artful bliss.
I just got the copy a few days ago and yearning to prolong this feeling of excitement I have been slowly going through it, soaking up story by story, picture after picture, one at a time.

They had a small surprise for me I was unaware of. They chose my banner  to be featured in the "Banners We Love" section and it really felt like a cherry on the top of a cake, when I discovered it!

I must say a huge and warm "Thank You!" to my editor Danielle Williams who worked with me, wonderfully guiding me through the process sharing valuable advice.
My deep bow to you dear lady!

You can order the magazine online or buy your copy at your nearest newsagent.


Friday, May 11, 2018

Mini Doily Brooch - weekend project

It's the weekend guys!
I couldn't wait for the work day to finish so that we can really get into that weekend groove! And I have the perfect weekend project for you. Back on Wednesday I showed you how to crochet this lovely doily and said that I will show you the brooch I actually made with it.
However, I was itching to try making it with a thinner size of thread and more or less got to it. I used ecru, but doubled the thread so it wasn't too thin nor was it as thick as the thread for the white brooch and I tell you... this one is a bit bigger than a thumb but totally adorable and perfect for a mini brooch. I actually like it more than the original one.
I am quite happy how it turned out. Truth be told, you cannot see it because I used it as a foundation onto which I built the flowers and it is just peeking from the sides; but anyways - it is love-ly!
And... no drum rolls sadly.... here's the original.
Luckily, I have a coral red cardi so when I put this on it gave it the right pop and was quite effective. So my collection of brooches now has two new members.
With this, I close this post, wave you goodbye and I will see you guys on Monday!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Crochet Doily - free pattern

I have saved this tiny doily sampler from my gran's stash of samplers and have been holding onto it dearly, planning to make something with it so that it stays with me forever.
Note that that day has not yet come, but you'll be duly notified :)
Toying with it I decided to make it with a way thicker cotton thread, because it is almost impossible to make it with a 0.something hook - I wonder if this was spider web she used as thread to make it. I modified it a bit, but stuck to the general pattern. And I forgot to place a real object next to it to show its real size, but it is as big as a thumb. Take my word for it.
I made it with a 20 size of cotton thread and used a 1 mm metal hook.
Ch 7 and join to make a ring.
Rnd 1: Dc 15 in ring. sl st in 1st dc to join.
Rnd 2: sc 2 in each st (30)
Rnd 3: sc1, sc2 (46)
Rnd 4: hdc3tog, ch6, sk1, repeat from beginning. You will have to sk 2 at the end and sl st to end the round.
Rnd 5: sc3 on chain, ch 3 and make a picot, sc3 more in the same chain, move onto the next chain and repeat filling pattern.

I used this doily as the foundation for a brooch, but it can also serve as a pendant. Come on Friday to see it!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

What I Have Pinned Lately #10

Happy Sunday!

I have seen so many beautiful things shared recently my head is actually spinning. Many are for inspiration only; however lots of incredibly talented people have shared their projects for free, so here's my selection this time.

The above Dutch Rose Blanket which I fell in love instantly - both the pattern and the color combinations are awesome!

This amazing Dahlia Flower Pillow by My Crochetory, and

these gorgeous poppies by Picot pals.


Friday, May 4, 2018

A Sneak Peek into the Victoriana Collection

Last weekend we had a fun and interesting photo shoot, deep into the countryside where we not only snapped pictures of our new pieces, but also got to enjoy wonderful nature, secluded and abandoned railway stations and colorful pastures of hidden villages. It was a memorable one for us.
Here you can see just a couple of our new necklaces- we don't want to reveal much, although during the past months I have shown lots of my jewelry through DIY and pattern promotion posts, like the one for the ribbon medals or the spring flower brooch to mention a few.  

I share snippets of it over on insta stories  and my facebook fan page.
If you'd like to see more, you are invited.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Jewelry Picture Frames - free printables

free frames printables

If you follow me for a while, you know that I love to arrange scenescapes for my projects, especially my jewelry.

But I will talk about that some other time.
Today I want to show you a much easier way to style photos by using these beautiful picture frame printables.

You can see my brooches shot onto three different designs in this post, but the beauty of these is that you can also use them as tags or cards to attach / hang jewelry on them. even make them "Thank you" cards. Pretty handy for those who sell at craft fairs if you ask me.

You can download all three designs here.
I have included three to four colors: black, beige, blue and pink. All three designs come in a very big size in black which you can print onto colorful paper for more effect. For the brooches in this post I limited myself to blue and grey paper with the black frames printed out.

What do you think? I like how they add a bit of  vintage glam to it. And it sure was fun playing with them.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Insta love: Carmen Zubillaga Martinez


Carmen Zubillaga Martinez is a crochet clothes and accessories designer. There is actually nothing more than this that can be found on the internet no matter however hard one tries.

Her designs are quirky and unique, bold, adventurous and eye-catching. She magnificently plays with textures, patterns and colors to make exceptional statement pieces.

It is with one of her bell shaped sleeves that I got to know her and I have been following her ever since. She never fails to surprise with each new creation.

See more of her on instagram and her blog.