Wednesday, February 21, 2018

DIY Victorian Necklace

Remember my Victorian Mixed Media Necklace I made last month? Well, it got a lot of positive feedback and inquiries for a tutorial so here it is, for your crafting pleasure. I kind of stuck to the {almost} same color combination with some different crochet flowers and beads.
What you need for your necklace?
1. A doily or a crochet piece you can use as the foundation.
3. 1 Tulle Pom-Pom {I used this technique to make it}  
5. 2 Crochet flowers (this post contains links to 6 flower patterns) .
6. {optional - Beads, jewelry parts, old brooches, trinkets}
7. 2 jump rings, a clasp and a chain.

I have tons of doilies. Literally. But they have an immense emotional value so I didn't have the heart to use any. Instead I used a piece of a factory made crochet tablecloth I have in my stash. It had a flower shaped at the corner so I cut it out and because it was very thin and fragile I cut another piece to back it up. So make sure that your piece is sturdy enough to carry the entire composition.

I folded it at the upper part, pinned and sewed both together.

Next, and this is the fun part, play with the elements and work on your design. I loved my previous one, so I made this almost identical to it.

Gradually add and sew the elements onto the doily.

When the assemblage is done, add a jump ring at each end and attach the chain. And the necklace is done.


Monday, February 19, 2018

Insta Love: Zazi Vintage

Happy Monday all!

Today I want to put the focus on a brand that embraces and promotes traditional ethnic craftsmanship - a collaboration project including artisans from all over the word, where the emphasis is placed on sustainability and women's economic and social independence.

Jeanne ZIZI Margot de Kroon, the founder of Zizi Vintage, having worked for a big and unethical retail company,  decides to completely quit the modeling industry and focus studies and worldwide women empowerment projects because as she says:
"Fashion for me means story telling and the stories of the clothes I wear have to resonate to my beliefs. Because of this, I now no longer shop in chain stores, big companies or online. From countries like Guatemala to India, Lithuania to Ethiopia, I have gathered my wardrobe and found the most intriguing and inspiring pieces that all carry a unique story and connect me to another time, place and or person. 
I want people to know exactly where their clothes are coming from, by who they are being found by and exactly who they are supporting with their purchases. Portraying both these sides, I believe I can create a bridge, passing over what I have learned and continue to learn but also receiving lessons from the women of all corners of this wonderfully weird and beautiful planet earth that we are apart of".

Read more about the brand and the vintage chapters they created here.


Friday, February 16, 2018


Snowdrops, primroses, wild violets... They have all sprouted tricked by the fair weather tickling their seeds, caressing their stems, kissing their fragile petals.

Wishing for snow and seeing that it is not going to happen this year, I succumbed to the realization that spring is inevitably on its way.

My mind switched into a different mode and this is the result of it. I chose this lovely, used vintage fabric that was a skirt in its previous life, to make a mixed media necklace that is part of the Victorian collection I am slowly enlarging.

With this I bid you farewell and wish you all a perfect weekend!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Celebrate Love!


In the end love is all that matters!
Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day: Free Patterns and Tutorials

If you've procrastinated long enough and are now in a zeitnot, don't fret.
I have compiled some of my old, trusted projects that have been tested multiple times and have been verified in terms of easiness of make and greatness and suitability when it comes to giving these as gifts.    
A crochet lariat that offers versatile styling. I have been wearing this lovingly and it is one of my favourite pieces.
There's a ridiculously easy pattern for this headband and  heart.
If you are interested in making a crochet heart that can be used to make a decorative pillow, doily or just a piece that will please your soul, the pattern is here.

I collected all my dear vintage buttons and made a unique brooch. This one might sparkle some inspiration and ideas for you.
This Valentine's necklace combines crafting and crochet that are exploited so well to produce an eye-pleasing gift.
I left this for the end as it is not a free project / pattern, but it is a very dear pattern of mine. I made it for St.Valentine's Day and it features and intricate heart headband. Although it looks difficult, the pattern is very easy to make and I really don't have to mention its appeal. I made it using as inspiration Polish gingerbread heart cookies.
More about the pattern here.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Instagram Love & Feel: FaerieMagazine

Hello to another new week and let it be a magical one for all!
My recommendation for an instagram account: FarieMagazine.
A quarterly print magazine that celebrates the magical and extraordinary. There's a chest full of otherworldly treasures. Get yourself a handful of fairy dust and enjoy the sprinkle!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Valentine Shabby Chic Bookmarks DIY


I wanted to make something pretty and girly for both my Valentine girl and me and my ideas revolved around making toppers that we would be able to use as decoration. But as I started working with the wire, it struck me that bookmarkers would be much more appreciated and I settled for that idea.
This is a good, no sewing idea that works up fast.
You need:
* Memory wire
* Lace or tulle pieces (scraps work fine)
* Sateen ribbons
* Glue
How to make it:
Cut about 50 cm of wire and twist it in half. I wanted something sturdy, so I doubled the wire. Shape a heart at the top and braid the wires together to the end.

Cut a strip of tulle, tie at the inside of the heart's neck. Wrap the tulle around the wire all the way down and glue the bottom part.

Cut a longish piece of ribbon and tie it at the neck of the heart. The ribbon is supposed to hang down. I wasn't satisfied how the light pink tulle's end was glued so I glued a small piece of lace to hide it.

Cut a rectangular piece of lace (about 15 cm long) and insert the heart inside. Gather the sides carefully, tucking them in behind and tie a short ribbon over it to secure it.

For this bookmark, for the heart part I put the tulle as for the first one, added a piece of lace over it and tied the ribbon. Everything's done in 10 minutes (and maybe less!).

How do you like this? Are you planning any Valentine projects? If you are, you might consider making these :)

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Valentines DIY for You to Try

The Internet has already gone mad with projects for Valentines and I felt like getting on a late night train.
As you know (or maybe not), the day of St.Valentine is a merry celebration in our household because my daughter Eva happens to be born on the day. We love to have a project or two made to mark the occasion but nothing spectacular, because it is mainly a birthday celebration.
This year there were many lovely projects I saw shared and this is just a small selection I chose for my and your inspiration.
Let us start with these absolutely adorable fabric envelopes. They are perfect stash busterers and a wonderful gift not only to give to others but keep for yourself :)
I also loved these cute little treat bags which, after eating the treats, the recipient could use for treasuring trinkets. I would keep my crochet rings in these; just saying.
I have always been a sucker for pop up cards and this caught up my eye immediately. Doesn't require exquisite skills, and Lisa has the templates ready, so we just have to print, cut and glue. Onto the next one.
I am actually planning to make these for Eva but as a birthday card.
She does light my fire with her tantrums; we do fit - she was a tenant in my belly for 9 months, she fitted there perfectly; we are a perfect match when it comes to crafty ideas, although we have different styles and lastly she is my firstborn and will always be the princess of my heart.
A fantastic project to make - bath bombs. You can make these just for yourself or give to your girlfriends. They will surely appreciate them. I am sure my mom would go crazy about these.
Although it says wedding Mason jars, these are just perfect to decorate your home for Valentines and I love that they are made out of felt with a touch of twine. Lovely, aren't they?
Now something for the sweet toothers here.
This  is a catchy idea. To fill match boxes with something sweet and make the perfect match. Too matchy-matchy for you? I don' think so ;)
Now, we have a box of another kind. What do you say? So sweet....
Ok. Let's get down with some serious stuff. The trifle looks mouth watering and you can satisfy your cravings - here's the recipe.
 I couldn't leave out this delicious looking Pink Lemonade Cheesecake Parfait. Especially not with a name like that I couldn't. This one has your juices going and the palate waiting to experience heaven.
This is all for today. Enjoy the selection!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Inspiration Monday - Zaneta Gelevska - Artist

Zani is a compatriot of mine who stole my heart with her deeply touching paintings showing her unique perception of human feelings, emotions and relationships portrayed with an explosion of colors that grab the beholder and leave a powerful imprint on him. Her paintings tell incredible stories we can all relate to effortlessly.

Zani graduated from the Faculty of Fine Art Skopje, Macedonia in 1989. She participated in numerous exhibitions in her native Macedonia, involving herself in various art related projects. Her work has reached over 15 countries worldwide and is in many private and public collections. In 1999 Zani was invited to exhibit at the prestigious Blains Fine Art Gallery in Mayfair, London and soon after that she relocated to England, where she is now operating as a full time freelance artist.
Zani is always experimenting and her paintings are a unique blend achieved by combining acrylic and mixed media and a range of unusual materials. These materials have become a distinguishing feature of Zani's work and in many cases the materials dictate the form, as well as give the paintings their distinctive quality. Zani's paintings have a powerful strength and refreshing spontaneity with rich variations of colour and tone. Most of her inspiration is drawn from ordinary people and everyday experiences and events.
The work is often based on the relationship between public and private space, memories of the past and visions of the future. Zani is fast becoming a sought after talent in the world of contemporary art and exhibits her work during the year in a number of galleries in London and throughout the UK. However, a permanent exhibition of her work is on display, and can be viewed, in the Macedonian Embassy in London.
You and Me
Happy Family
 Collage of Zani's latest work
Zani's studio
Truly amazing, isn't it? If you were hooked on these, you can find more stunning paintings on her website and you can also follow her on instagram.